File Title
1 Danes identify Aalborg bishop's 300-year-old poo
2 Oldest alphabet identified as Hebrew
3 Ancient Inscriptions Show Life Once Flourished in Jordan's 'Black Desert'
4 Unearthing New Clues to America's First English Colony
5 Rice farming in India much older than thought
6 Vast 5,600-year-old religious centre discovered near Stonehenge
7 Spectacular 3,800 Year Old Pottery Vessel Excavated near Tel Aviv
8 1,000-year-old ruins unearthed in north China
9 Archaeological finds on route of Inverness West Link
10 Ancient cistern found under barn in Turkey's Mardin
11 The 6,000-Year-Old Village
12 Glassmaking may have begun in Egypt, not Mesopotamia
13 Altar of Miracle-Making Viking King Discovered in Norway
14 Archaeologists Discover Unknown Fortress Walls, Byzantine Gold Coin in Rusocastro Fortress near Bulgaria's Kameno
15 Archaeologists hail discovery of Bronze Age 'thinker' figurine in Israel
16 Ancient residential city, cemetery discovered in Abydos
17 DNA study offers blood test hope for bowel disease patients
18 Dartmouth researchers break new territory analyzing DNA modifications in glioblastoma
19 New method developed for analyzing photonic crystal structure
20 Mechanism revealed for side effects of drug used in hematopoietic stem cell harvesting
21 Promoting parasites
22 Adult stem cell types' heart repair potential probed
23 Testing early warning signals for crises, in lakes
24 Defining conservation priorities in tropical and biodiversity-rich countries
25 Depression in young people affects the stomach, anxiety the skin
26 More reliable way to produce single photons for quantum information imprinting
27 How parents divide their duties
28 Why are black men missing from prostate cancer research?
29 Turning sugar waste into light--and job opportunities
30 Cholesterol an important piece of the puzzle for fat-burning
31 Beaches devastated by extreme storms showing little signs of recovery, study suggests
32 Quantum particles form droplets
33 Human cells with a 'built-in circuit' help prevent tumor growth
34 Toxoplasma's balancing act explained
35 Game theory provides new insight on spreading environmentally conscious behavior
36 VIB scientists develop diagnostic tool for familial Mediterranean fever
37 Edible dormice: The older they get the more they rejuvenate their cells
38 Role for autophagic cellular degradation process in maintaining genomic stability
39 Understanding immune reaction to the hepatitis B virus
40 Development of graphene microwave photodetector
41 Clarifying the plasma oscillation by high-energy particles
42 Researchers discover most winter boots are too slippery to walk safely on icy surfaces
43 Scientists propose 10 policies to protect vital pollinators
44 New target receptor discovered in the fight against obesity
45 Tissue damage is key for cell reprogramming
46 A new perovskite could lead the next generation of data storage
47 First steps to neutralizing Zika
48 Fault curvature may control where big quakes occur
49 Endangered Australasian marsupials are ancient survivors of climate change
50 Macrophage-dependent IL-1[beta] production induces cardiac arrhythmias in diabetic mice
51 Upward mobility boosts immunity in monkeys
52 Bringing carbon-silicon bonds to life
53 Cell reprogramming with help from the neighbors
54 Social status affects the immune system of macaques
55 Building stress-resistant memories
56 For platinum catalysts, tiny squeeze gives big boost in performance, Stanford study says
57 Practice testing protects memory against stress
58 Bringing silicon to life
59 Creative activities promote day-to-day wellbeing
60 Study suggests that parental health behaviors may influence children's sleep
61 For wearable electronic devices, NIST shows plastic holes are golden
62 Internet of Things (IoT) will demand a step-change in search solutions
63 Did comets kick-start life on Earth? (video)
64 Greater job satisfaction for transgender employees
65 Thinning and retreat of West Antarctic glacier began in 1940s
66 Just add water: New discovery in plant-disease mechanism
67 Cancer signaling pathway could illuminate new avenue to therapy
68 Stuttering related to brain circuits that control speech production
69 Writing an equation for soil success
70 Uncovering the secrets of friction on graphene
71 Pioneers in IVC filter removal
72 Colorful clones: Researchers track development and behavior of individual blood stem cells
73 Researchers run largest known transparent checkpointing process
74 Aviation enhancements, better biosensors could result from new sensor technology
75 Suicide rates drop among members of White Mountain Apache tribe
76 How to protect your laptop--even when it's asleep
77 New Neiman Institute study evaluates national trends in enteral access procedures
78 Study suggests home-based telemental health delivers better quality of life for veterans
79 Ames Laboratory scientists create first intermetallic double salt with platinum
80 Screen to beam technology: The rise of haptic interfaces
81 Study in rats finds low blood alcohol levels have no effect on total calories consumed
82 TSRI scientists develop vaccine against fatal prescription opioid overdose
83 VIB scientists discover neuron-producing stem cells in the membranes covering the brain
84 Genomics reveals hen harrier is 2 distinct species
85 Stop playing seek-and-hide with latent HIV
86 Fibroblasts could provide new target for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
87 Sealing properties and its influence factors of spherical mechanical seal
88 Molecular chameleons reveal bacterial biofilms
89 DNA influences selection of partners for educational achievement
90 Molecular chameleons reveal bacterial biofilm
91 Electronic tracking of song birds shows roads and urban features influence their choice of gardens
92 Compounds produced by phytopathogenic microbes encourage plant growth
93 Which cropping system is best for the environment?
94 New quantum states for better quantum memories
95 Climate model predictions are telling a consistent story
96 Health diagnosis through bio-signal measuring electrodes on IoT devices
97 Starch from yeast
98 World of viruses uncovered
99 Benzodiazepine and related drug use increases hip fractures in persons with Alzheimer's disease
100 Scientists trace 'poisoning' in chemical reactions to the atomic scale
101 Researchers put mouse embryos in suspended animation
102 Consuming high amounts of saturated fats linked to increased heart disease risk
103 Nylon fibers made to flex like muscles
104 Experts call for fair vaccine pricing, not 'random acts of charity'
105 Study supports lower cut-off point for defining prediabetes
106 Current evidence does not support vitamin D supplements to prevent disease
107 High intake of saturated fats linked to increased coronary heart disease risk
108 Antarctic explorers help make discovery--100 years after their epic adventures
109 Hurricane risk to northeast USA coast increasing, research warns
110 Hopping to the frontier