File Title
1 Why the new James Webb telescope folds like origami
2 NASA devises plan to keep astronauts free of biological contamination
3 Dear Trump: Science deserves 'critical role' in future of United States
4 ESA releases first close-up photos from ExoMars mission
5 Is it time to think about how to prevent a space war?
6 How did baleen whale ancestors lose their teeth?
7 Did Lucy, our famous ancient relative, swing in the treetops?
8 Why Pluto's 'icy heart' may have sunk under its own weight
9 Why Audi is backing a trip to the moon
10 Gravitational-wave observatory gets back to spotting spacetime weirdness
11 Surgery may raise risk of Guillain-Barre syndrome
12 What PTSD interventions are best for military personnel? Study investigates
13 IUD Removal: All You Need to Know
14 Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help Treat Psoriasis?
15 Heart disease: Consuming too much saturated fat may raise risk
16 Why you might fall into a 'food coma' this Thanksgiving
17 Stroke vs. Aneurysm: Treatment Options
18 The festive fib: Does lying to children about Santa do more harm than good?
19 How does alcohol affect stroke risk? Study investigates
20 Gut microbes switch host genes on and off under influence of diet
21 Can You Treat Psoriasis with Turmeric?
22 Can alcohol reduce calorie intake?
23 Diet soda sweetener may cause weight gain
24 Social rank may impact immune system and inflammatory response
25 Fatal opioid overdose could be prevented with new vaccine
26 How Does Bipolar Disorder Affect Memory?
27 Is There a Link Between Bipolar Disorder and Lying?
28 Yo-yo dieting may be caused by altered gut microbes
29 Do Android and iPhone users have different personalities?
30 Apricot Seeds: Cancer Treatment or Danger to Health?
31 OCD Therapy: What You Need to Know
32 Alternatives to Viagra: Pills, Herbal Remedies, and Other Treatments
33 Retrieval practice may protect memory in stressful situations
34 Schizophrenia: Researchers pinpoint rare genetic risk variants
35 Can Frankincense Treat Cancer? Get the Facts
36 Stroke: New drug limits brain damage and promotes repair
37 Breast cancer screening 'should not be stopped based on age'
38 Maternal flu not linked to autism in offspring, study finds
39 IUD vs. Pill: What Contraceptive Method is Best for Me?
40 Diabetes and obesity could be prevented with novel protein
41 MicroRNA may give clue to schizophrenia's 'voices'
42 Amputation for Diabetes: What You Need to Know
43 Alcohol: Link between liver and brain may control consumption
44 Could marijuana use increase vulnerability to Alzheimer's?
45 Religious experience activates same brain circuits as 'sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll'
46 Heart attack risk over eight times higher for younger smokers
47 Exercise extends life, but which exercise is best?
48 Psoriasis on the Eyelids: Symptoms and Treatment
49 Depression vs. Sadness: How to Tell the Difference
50 Huntington's disease affects muscle as well as brain
51 Alzheimer's: Are we on the right path to new drugs?
52 Aerobic exercise improves cognition in old age
53 Does vitamin D level at birth predict risk of MS?
54 Why are some musicians better at sight-reading?
55 8 Herbs and Supplements to Help Treat Depression
56 Bone Bruise: Symptoms, Treatment, and Outlook
57 Daily aspirin could save lives of older Americans at risk of heart disease
58 Magic mushroom compound may help ease cancer-related depression
59 Testosterone treatment may cause blood clots
60 Diabetes breakthrough: Insulin-producing cells formed using malaria drugs
61 Complex regional pain syndrome: Watching others causes pain
62 What Is My Life Expectancy if I Have Lupus?
63 Natural Remedies for Treating Bipolar Disorder
64 Bone loss may be linked to Alzheimer's disease
65 Gut microbiome contributes to Parkinson's, study suggests
66 Drinking plenty of fluids when ill may do more harm than good
67 Physicists Twist Light, Send 'Hello World' Message Between Islands
68 Ancient Inscriptions Show Life Once Flourished in Jordan's 'Black Desert'
69 Rate of Dementia Declines Among US Seniors
70 Great Molasses Flood of 1919: Why this Deluge of Goo Was So Deadly
71 How to Survive Thanksgiving in a Postelection, Social Media World
72 Forget Politics: 7 Wacky Science Stories to Talk About this Thanksgiving
73 Pope Extends Forgiveness for Abortion
74 Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Outlines Projects to Reduce Fake News
75 Supermoon's High Tides Strand Octopus in Flooded Parking Garage
76 'Singing Snake' Busted: Real Voice Behind Legend Discovered
77 The Arctic Is a Seriously Weird Place Right Now
78 What All Effective Weight-Loss Diets Have in Common
79 Women Have Always Lived Longer, Study Finds
80 Major Earthquake Strikes off Fukushima
81 Does Lying on Your Back During Pregnancy Increase Stillbirth Risk?
82 'Impossible' Space Engine Might Actually Work, Study Suggests
83 Selena Gomez's Speech: Why Does Depression Strike Young Adults?
84 'Lover' Cockroaches Grow Bigger Testicles to Woo Mates
85 Extinct Mammals Are Real-Life 'Fantastic Beasts'
86 Aliens Are Never the Answer
87 Holes in the Sun! One's Real, the Other Not So Much [Video]
88 Turkeys Were Tamed in Mexico 1,500 Years Ago
89 WWII Shipwrecks 'Vanish' After Plundering by Illegal Scavengers
90 Why Your Problem-Solving Skills May Sharpen with Age
91 100 Years of Infectious Disease Deaths in US: Study Shows What's Changed
92 Japan Earthquake May Be Aftershock from Massive 2011 Temblor
93 Australia's Bizarre Outbreak: What Is 'Thunderstorm Asthma'?
94 Altar of Miracle-Making Viking King Discovered in Norway
95 Why Do So Many Big Earthquakes Strike Japan?
96 Why Fewer Americans Say They Want to Lose Weight
97 Ant Overlords? Supercolony in Ethiopian Forests Set to Invade Globe
98 130-Million-Year Old Proteins Still Present in Dinosaur-Age Fossil
99 People with Alzheimer's Disease Can Still Have Sharp Memories
100 The Clever Way Females Fend Off Male Fish with Big Genitals
101 Why Do People Get 'Bags' Under Their Eyes?
102 Hackers Turn Tesla into a Brain-Controlled Car
103 Stopping Killer Robots at the Source (Code)
104 4,000-Year-Old 'Thinker' Sculpture Uncovered in Israel
105 Huge Underground Ice Deposit on Mars Is Bigger than New Mexico
106 Exercise May Prevent the Inflammation that Comes with Overeating
107 Many LASIK Patients Have New Eye Problems After Surgery
108 Teens on Special Diets Can Stir Thanksgiving Conflicts
109 'Miniantibodies' Reduce Inflammation and Pain
110 Weather vs. Climate: Why Trump's Global Warming Stance Is Flawed