File Title
1 Power Pressure Cooker/Canner: Sassafras4u Editor's Review
2 Weird 'Egg Rock' Meteorite Found on Mars
3 Junkyard Metal Turned into a DIY Super Battery
4 Stem Cell 'Patches' Could Help to Fix Injured Hearts
5 Every US River Visualized in One Glorious Map
6 Why the Body in Your Dreams May Not Match the Real You
7 Mystery Deepens Over Bones Linked to Amelia Earhart
8 World's Oldest Stone Tablet Containing Ten Commandments Up for Auction
9 Successful Weight 'Losers': Here's How Much Less Time They Spend Sitting
10 Oldest Megamouth Shark on Record Had Chipped Tooth
11 Do Kids Take Years Off Your Life? Giving Birth May Make Cells 'Older'
12 Inflammatory Bowel Disease on Rise in US
13 Reference: Facts About the Giant Ground Sloth
14 Secret German World War II Base Rediscovered Near North Pole
15 Incoming! How NASA and FEMA Would Respond to an Asteroid Threat
16 'Doctor Strange' Astrophysicist Talks Mind-Bending Marvel Science
17 5.0-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Oklahoma
18 Fit for a King? Medieval Book 'Illuminates' Likely Theft by Henry VIII
19 How Did the Milky Way Get Its Name?
20 Stranger Pings: Weird Noise Coming from Arctic Seafloor
21 Inside Ireland's Oldest Grave, an 'Exceptional' Find
22 Hypersonic Flight Is Coming: Will the US Lead the Way?
23 Saber-Toothed Cat Had a Huge Skull, but a Puny Bite
24 Why Are Thousands of Snowballs Popping Up on a Siberian Beach?
25 Kendall Jenner's Fear: What Is Sleep Paralysis?
26 Janet Reno's Death: How Does a Person Die of Parkinson's?
27 Presidential Pantsuits: Why Clinton's Outfits Are So Controversial
28 Teen Use of Opioids Linked to Marijuana
29 Tough Turtle: Dino-Killing Asteroid Spared Sea Creature
30 Aging Bonobos Become Farsighted, Just like Humans
31 The Real Reason for Viking Raids: Shortage of Eligible Women?
32 Astro Cameras Help Mosques Schedule Prayer Times
33 Election Day 2016: How Are Votes Counted?
34 The Mysteries of 'Dreamless Sleep' Come to Light
35 Breast Cancer: The First Sign Isn't Always a Lump
36 Why Not Paper Ballots? America's Weird History of Voting Machines
37 What Triggered Tsunamis that Demolished Bronze-Age Civilization?
38 How Rare Is a Supermoon, Really?
39 Low Vitamin D Linked with Higher Asthma Risk
40 Reference: Facts About the Bear Dog
41 Reference: Crater Lake: Deepest Lake in U.S.
42 Reference: Entelodonts: Facts About Giant Killer 'Pigs'
43 In Victory Speech, Donald Trump Discovers the Power of 'We'
44 Hidden Beneath Bolivian Volcano, Enough Water to Fill a Great Lake
45 'Firework' Drones Swarm the Sky, Setting New World Record
46 Why Humans Don't Have More Neanderthal Genes
47 The Future of Space: Top Issues Facing President-Elect Donald Trump
48 Bird Beaks Are Cooler than You Think--Literally
49 Why Do Sleepy People Drink More Soda?
50 Book Excerpt: 'Blueprint for a Battlestar' (US 2016)
51 Newfound Ancient 'Sea Monster' Is Largest Yet from Antarctica
52 2 Dome-Headed Dinosaurs the Size of German Shepherds Discovered
53 Why Copying Yoga Poses from Magazines Could Be a Bad Move
54 More Science Says Smartphones Spoil Sleep
55 Dave the Giant Earthworm Sets Record in UK, World
56 3 More States Legalize Recreational Use of Marijuana: How the Map Looks Now
57 HIV Test to Go: USB Tool Could Aid Developing Countries
58 Oldest Beer Brewed from Shipwreck's 220-Year-Old Yeast Microbes
59 Seabirds' Plastic-Eating Habits Remain Puzzling
60 Does 'Cage-Free' Mean a Better Life for Chickens?
61 How Trump Could Erase Decades of Climate Change Action
62 Climate Experts Weigh in on Trump's Election Win
63 Diver Finds Long-Lost Nuke While Hunting Sea Cucumbers
64 Muddy Demise: Bird-Like Dinosaur Died While Struggling to Free Itself
65 Red Squirrels Harbor Leprosy-Causing Bacteria
66 Maine Legalizes Marijuana for Recreational Use
67 Constipation Linked to Risk of Kidney Disease, New Study Finds
68 What Will a Trump Presidency Mean for Science?
69 New Record! Robot Solves Rubik's Cube in Less than a Second
70 How to Talk to Kids About Trump's Presidential Win
71 Trump's Win Uncovers New Deep Divides in America's Social Fabric
72 It's Just a Phase: The Supermoon Won't Drive You Mad
73 Flu Risk May Depend on Birth Year
74 Mysterious Unidentified Object Crashes in Myanmar
75 First-Ever Madagascar Dolphin Fossil Discovered
76 Long-Lost Tropical Bed Bugs Are Back in the US
77 Michael Buble's Son Diagnosed with Liver Cancer: How Rare Is It in Kids?
78 Morphing Wings Are 1st Step Toward Bird-Like Aircraft
79 Cool! Milky Way Shines Twice for Skywatcher (Photo)
80 iPad Game Helps Treat Lazy Eye in Kids
81 'Historically Close' Supermoon Arrives Sunday Night
82 Carnivorous Sea Slug Sucks Up Prey in Mesmerizing Video
83 Helping Veterans Cope with the Mental Scars of War--Op-Ed
84 Boys' and Girls' Brains May Show Opposite Effects After a Trauma
85 Women Receive Abortion Pills by Mail as Part of New Study
86 Super-Duper Moon: How to See Sunday's Historic Full Moon
87 Marijuana Use May Weaken Your Heart Muscle
88 Move Over, Sweet Tooth: Introducing the Salt Tooth
89 How Eating Right in Middle Age Can Set You Up for Long Life
90 To Keep the Weight Off, Keep Tracking Your Diet
91 Spanking on the Decline? Fewer Parents Admit to It
92 Built by the Huns? Ancient Stone Monuments Discovered Along Caspian
93 Why Do Teeth Hurt?
94 YouTube's 'The Brain Scoop': A Backstage Pass to Museum Science
95 From Reactive Robots to Sentient Machines: The 4 Types of AI
96 New Zealand Shook by 7.8-Magnitude Earthquake, Tsunamis
97 Probiotics May Help Reduce Blood Sugar Levels
98 The Search for Oldest Ice on Earth Begins
99 Google Doodle Celebrates Inventor of Insulin
100 More than 40 Shipwrecks Discovered in Black Sea
101 Affordable VR Will Take Immersive Therapy Mainstream
102 Electronic E.T.: Intelligent Aliens Are Likely Machines
103 Australian Continent Moves as Seasons Change
104 New Zealand Quake's Strange Side Effect: What Are Earthquake Lights?
105 The Grime on Your Smartphone Can Reveal Your Secrets
106 3,000-Year-Old Mummy Found in Egyptian Tomb
107 Arthritis Drug Helps People Regrow Hair, More Cases Show
108 Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Risk: What Is a Retained Placenta?
109 1,200 Pieces of Fossilized Poop Earn Collector Guinness Record
110 2016 Set to Become Hottest Year on Record