File Title
1 Evidence of large volcanic activity in the Caribbean uncovered
2 Serendipitous orchid: An unexpected species discovered in Mexican deciduous forests
3 Why fish intake by pregnant women improves the growth of a child's brain
4 Hay fever medicine reduces symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
5 Photovoltaics? On perovskites produced by mechanochemistry!
6 How will climate policy affect energy access goals?
7 Development of an evaluation platform capable of validating wide-area distribution systems
8 Novel insights in the attachment of the bacterial carcinogen Helicobacter pylori
9 The S-stroke or I-stroke?
10 'Bursting' cells gain the brain's attention for life-or-death decisions
11 Regrowing functional joints in frogs
12 Nano-shells deliver molecules that tell bone to repair itself
13 Breast cancer study suggests new potential drug targets and combinations
14 Study reveals how birds learn through imitation
15 Educational gains by immigrants to US not as large as believed, study finds
16 'Inflamm-aging' by seniors may impact pneumonia susceptibility
17 Preventing violent extremism requires new police programs
18 Kidney stones are on the rise among youth, especially in females and African-Americans
19 New discoveries concerning Otzi's genetic history
20 Researchers develop novel cell line for screening of brain drugs
21 Donor's genotype controls the differentiation of iPS cells--source tissue insignificant
22 How malaria fools our immune system
23 E-cigarettes, as used, aren't helping smokers quit, study shows
24 FASEB issues recommendations on reproducibility
25 New blood test may expand scope of liquid biopsies
26 Drug 'cocktail' could restore vision in optic nerve injury
27 Is suicide a tragic variant of an evolutionarily adaptive set of behaviors?
28 Odor biomarker for Alzheimer's disease
29 Higher dietary nitrate and green leafy vegetable intake associated with lower risk of glaucoma
30 Palliative care initiated in the ED associated with improved quality of life
31 Born to break: Mutation causes fragile bones
32 Brain waves could help predict how we respond to general anesthetics
33 Occupational textile dust exposure linked to rheumatoid arthritis
34 UK teens heavily exposed to alcohol and tobacco content in YouTube music videos
35 School shootings and street violence: How they're alike and different
36 Attention neuron type identified
37 How, when and where could affect outcome of psychological treatment
38 New pharmaceutical building block could accelerate drug development
39 Inhibitory neurons, not age, determine song learning in birds
40 Newly discovered supernova outshines all others
41 Mammoth injuries indicate humans occupied Arctic earlier than thought
42 Patients with high health insurance deductibles use fewer imaging tests
43 Health warning labels may deter parents from purchasing sugar-sweetened beverages for kids
44 Risk factors for weapon involvement in adolescents vary by race and gender
45 Record-shattering cosmic blast could help crack the case of extreme supernova explosions
46 HPV vaccine uptake is highest among girls in high poverty and majority Hispanic communities
47 Seduced by the label
48 Discovery: Most-luminous ever supernova
49 Poor sleep in seniors linked to hardened brain arteries
50 How the cell's power station survives attacks
51 IU study shows first evidence for independent working memory systems in animals
52 Trio of autism-linked molecules orchestrate neuron connections
53 What is 10 miles across, but powers an explosion brighter than the Milky Way?
54 Low blood levels of bicarbonate linked to earlier death in healthy older adults
55 Scientists uncover how part of a protein helps primates fight HIV
56 Studying 'inflamm-aging': Monocytes, cytokines, and susceptibility to pneumonia
57 TSRI chemists devise powerful new method for modifying drug molecules
58 Brain network signatures track and predict response to general anesthesia
59 Remembering to the future: Researchers shed new light on how our memories guide attention
60 Chimp friendships are based on trust
61 Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as safe as aspirin
62 CA's state fish can benefit from restoring and protecting streamside meadows
63 Charting the growth of 1 of the world's oldest babies
64 Fewer than 1 in 25 Seattleites can really eat locally
65 Liver recovery difficult even with improved diet--but faster if sugar intake is low
66 Green pea galaxy provides insights to early universe evolution
67 Annihilating nanoscale defects
68 Scientists discover how we play memories in fast forward
69 New report provides conservation, management strategies for yellow-cedar in Alaska
70 The importance of public service broadcasting in politics and society
71 Asthma in many adolescents is not an allergic disease
72 Surgical treatment restores penis length
73 Children with epilepsy are at increased risk of dying early
74 Heart disease, related risk factors may increase risk of early death in patients with dementia
75 Taoyuan No. 3: New high-yield lettuce for subtropical regions
76 Maximizing sea life's ability to reduce atmospheric carbon may help combat climate change
77 Wild populations of popular cage bird face catastrophic declines
78 Unique breathing cycles may be an important defense for insects
79 New TSRI study: Flipping molecular 'switch' may reduce nicotine's effects in the brain
80 An IRCM team unveils a mechanism that controls neuron production from stem cells
81 De-mystifying the study of volatile organic plant compounds
82 New app 'hides' user location from third parties
83 Superoxide gives lithium-air batteries a jolt
84 Ancient going on nouveau
85 First human in vitro model of rare neurodegenerative condition created
86 TGen study targets SGEF protein in treating glioblastoma brain tumors
87 What do lasers and oranges have in common? A possible cure for citrus greening
88 Long-term survivors of childhood cancer living longer thanks in part to treatment changes
89 Shiny fish skin inspires nanoscale light reflectors
90 Study: Workplace flexibility benefits employees
91 Couples' quality of life linked even when one partner dies
92 Trauma experts study treatment of pregnant trauma patients to improve neonatal outcomes
93 New microscopy may identify best sperm cells
94 A coffee to keep New Year fitness resolutions
95 Immigrants play increasing role in US science and engineering workforce
96 Cutting down runway queues
97 Nano-hybrid materials create magnetic effect
98 Protecting workers with stiffer safety penalties
99 Rooting out doping in racehorses
100 Toxins related to 'red tides' found in home aquarium
101 New report: Future pandemics pose massive risks to human lives, global economic security
102 Ice sheets may be hiding vast reservoirs of powerful greenhouse gas
103 'Spermbots' could help women trying to conceive (video)
104 Trauma team members face risk of 'compassion fatigue' and burnout
105 NHS policies failing to stop bullying by managers and staff sickness
106 Louisiana Tech University student coauthors research in ACS journal
107 Protein patterns--a new tool for studying sepsis
108 What happens with the environment when your car moves?
109 Racial makeup of labor markets affects who gets job leads
110 The cellular protein shredder is impaired by cigarette smoke and in COPD patients