Sassafras4u: Science Article SpreadSheets And Fast Reference Archive System
2010 Archives

Command-Click (Mac) on the left icon to open, in a new tab, a spreadsheet (SS) of article titles linked to their original articles, and names (numbers) of the corresponding text files.

Command-Click on SS titles of interest to have them open in separate tabs to avoid having to navigate back & forth.

I prefer Firefox on a Macintosh; with Windows, or with other browsers, use Control- or Right-click instead.

Click on the middle icon (until November) for a StuffIt archive—or the right icon for Zip—of all text files for the day. Download the free StuffIt Expander (for Mac & Windows) to expand the archives (Safari note*).

Mac users: View the text files by dragging them one at a time into the free text viewer Tofu; or select a group of them and type Command-O to open them all at once in TextEdit; or use the handy MacGizmo.
(I like to use all three simultaneously.)

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Spreadsheets for an entire month are available as a single Zip archive. Once expanded, they can be dragged into your browser to view (an alternative to opening them through links as above). Also, since these webpages are basically text files, they will be included in results using a desktop search tool, such as Spotlight or Google desktop. Click on the months at left to download the monthly spreadsheets.

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Monthly Spreadsheets Monthly Spreadsheets
Monthly Spreadsheets
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